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If you find reading hard, then everyday tasks, like reading a story to your toddler or following written instructions at work, can be a real challenge. These courses will help you to:

• skim read
• understand instructions
• understand the alphabet, signs, symbols and different words and phrases
• understand different kinds of texts and their purposes
• find information using different reading methods
• follow, identify, understand, summaries and compare the main points, information, events, ideas and opinions in a text.


Do you find writing tricky? Everyday tasks like writing notes can be tough if your writing skills aren't up to scratch. These courses will help you to:

• organize and plan your writing into paragraphs
• write clearly and appropriately, and present information in a sequence
• use and proofread grammar, punctuation and spelling
• use detail, format and structure to suit your purpose and audience
• improve your letter writing skills.

Grammar and Punctuation

Incorrect punctuation not only looks unprofessional, it can actually change the meaning of what you write. These courses will give you the grammar and punctuation skills you need to get your message across clearly. You'll learn how to:

• use grammar like the correct tense, adjectives and connectives
• check for errors in your work
• use punctuation like capital letters, commas, full stops, colons and apostrophes
• use sentence structure to make pieces of writing easier to read and understand
• read and write more difficult sentences.


Whether you're applying for a job or selling things online, spelling things correctly will help you to look professional. Our spelling courses will help you to gain confidence and improve your job prospects at the same time. You'll find out about spelling tips and tricks to help you:

• avoid common spelling mistakes
• know and apply spelling rules
• recognize different spellings of the same sound
• understand how English spelling developed and how common words are put together
• use different methods to check spelling
• use different types of dictionaries and thesauruses.

Speaking, Listening and Vocabulary

If you can't find the right words to get your point across, or want to improve your ability to spot key information, then these courses can improve your everyday speaking and listening skills. These courses will help you to:

• listen for information, details, instructions, meanings, ideas and opinions
• answer questions and give details about yourself
• use the right words and sentences to describe people, places and events
• change your tone and words for different audiences and situations
• contribute to a discussion and support your opinions with evidence
• clarify information that is given to you by asking questions
• expand your vocabulary by making a personal dictionary, and using word lists and glossaries.



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