Federal Skilled Worker Program:

Federal Skilled Workers are chosen as permanent residents based on their ability to prosper in Canada. They are assessed according to a selection grid made up of six factors, including language, education, work experience, etc. 

  • Overall cap of 25,000 applications in eligible occupations stream

  • Cap of 500 applications for PhD eligibility stream

  • No limit on applicants who have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer

  • Sub-caps of 1,000 applications for each of the 50 eligible occupations below (their 2011 National Occupational Classification (NOC) code is included in brackets):

  1. Senior managers – financial, communications and other business services (0013)
  2. Senior managers - trade, broadcasting and other services, n.e.c. (0015)
  3. Financial managers (0111)
  4. Human resources managers (0112)
  5. Purchasing managers (0113)
  6. Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers (0121)
  7. Managers in health care (0311)
  8. Construction managers (0711)
  9. Home building and renovation managers (0712)
  10. Managers in natural resources production and fishing (0811)
  11. Manufacturing managers (0911)
  12. Financial auditors and accountants (1111)
  13. Financial and investment analysts (1112)
  14. Securities agents, investment dealers and brokers (1113)
  15. Other financial officers (1114)
  16. Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations (1123)
  17. Supervisors, finance and insurance office workers (1212)
  18. Property administrators (1224)
  19. Geoscientists and oceanographers (2113)
  20. Civil engineers (2131)
  21. Mechanical engineers (2132)
  22. Electrical and electronics engineers (2133)
  23. Petroleum engineers (2145)
  24. Information systems analysts and consultants (2171)
  25. Database analysts and data administrators (2172)
  1. Software engineers and designers (2173)
  2. Computer programmers and interactive media developers (2174)
  3. Mechanical engineering technologists and technicians (2232)
  4. Construction estimators (2234)
  5. Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians (2241)
  6. Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics (2243)
  7. Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety (2263)
  8. Computer network technicians (2281)
  9. Nursing co-ordinators and supervisors (3011)
  10. Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses (3012)
  11. Specialist physicians (3111)
  12. General practitioners and family physicians (3112)
  13. Dietitians and nutritionists (3132)
  14. Audiologists and speech-language pathologists (3141)
  15. Physiotherapists (3142)
  16. Occupational therapists (3143)
  17. Respiratory therapists, clinical perfusionists and cardiopulmonary technologists (3214)
  18. Medical radiation technologists (3215)
  19. Medical sonographers (3216)
  20. Licensed practical nurses (3233)
  21. Paramedical occupations (3234)
  22. University professors and lecturers (4011)
  23. Psychologists (4151)
  24. Early childhood educators and assistants (4214)
  25. Translators, terminologists and interpreters (5125)



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