First step after receipt of an I-20 is payment of SEVIS (Student Exchange and Visitor Information System) Fees.

• SEVIS Fees is valid for 1 year from the date of payment and can be transferred to another institution within this period.
• SEVIS fees can be transferred to another institution by emailing. 
• The SEVIS is transferred usually within 1 – 2 working days.

Second step is to fill out DS-160 form 

• Fill out DS 160 and save .dat file. This can be reused in future to schedule and interview date.
• Send the .dat file along with the security question and password to me.
• Upon approval submit DS 160, take a print out of Confirmation & Application. Also save soft copy of the same.

Third step is to pay visa application fees. 

• The visa application fees is valid for 1 year from the date of payment.
• Each visa fees receipt can be used for only 1 interview appearance at US Consulate.

Next step is to schedule an appointment with US Consulate Mumbai for an visa interview of student.

• Input the required information correctly and submit the form online to get confirmation of an interview appointment.
• To cancel an appointment online. The appointment will be cancelled immediately.
• The visa appointment can be cancelled once only in order to reuse the same visa fees receipt. On cancelling the date for 2nd time, visa fees receipt gets deactivated and reactivates after 3 to 4 months time.
• If for some reason student is not able to attend the scheduled visa interview, then they need to do NO SHOW procedure. NO SHOW procedure has to be done after 2 working days of scheduled visa interview. Student needs to carry Passport Copy, Original Interview Confirmation Letter.
• After completing the NO SHOW procedure the HDFC fees receipt gets reactivated and can be reused to schedule and appointment.


Visa Counseling

A large number of students fail to clear the visa process due to poor preparation. It is an admitted fact that well prepared students have a higher success rate at the visa office.

Visa Policies

By law, all non-immigrants are viewed as "intending immigrants". This means that the visa officer is under the assumption that the student will be coming to the US and will remain in the US permanently. Student visas (F class) are given to students that can demonstrate to the Consul that they intend to return permanently at the conclusion of their studies.

To obtain a student visa, you must demonstrate that you :

• Have the ability and intention to pursue a course of full-time study demonstrated by official acceptance from the college or university.
• Possess adequate funds to cover all of the costs listed by the university on the I-20 form. As a general rule, the consular official will want to see the documentation for first year’s expenses and documentation showing how the money will be found for future years.
• Have sufficiently strong social, economic, and other reasons to leave the United States upon completion of the projected program of studies.
• Are able to articulate your reason for studying at a specific institution.




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